Get in the mood with ‘love scents’ from young living oils

You want your ‘sensations’ to be receptive to great intimacy but sometimes the frustrations and cares of the day get in the way. Plus, there may be some residual blocks from past experiences that block you from fully being present.

What if you could aid your transition to those special moments and build great anticipation?

young living essential oils offers that practical help:

  • Learn how to release your to-do list and let the stress melt away

  • Create a soothing atmosphere you both want to enjoy

  • Boost your anticipation physically and emotionally

  • Feel your senses come alive to touch and pleasure

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discovery workbooks:  why can't i talk to him/her about sex?

Petrified?! It's the most common feeling when talking about sex. Couples are embarrassed by the intimadating topic - the elephant in the room - and they can't say it out loud. But pushing past the blocks to intimacy opens powerful doors to an emotional bond. This vulnerability builds trust and then, the freedom to express yourself.

  the companion set (his and hers) offers:

  • Conversational work book style, easy to read format

  • Blocks to Intimacy Questionnaire (in depth issues)

  • Template to communicate to your spouse what you really want then to know (that maybe you've not said before)

  • Scriptural Foundations for Healthy Sexual Intimacy in Marriage and Christian Relationship Resources

Step-by-Step Guidance and Support includes:

  • Identify areas that stumped you in the past (maybe you weren't even aware of it)

  • Give you tools (actual phrases) to help you express yourself

  • Guide you in prayer, inviting God's hope, healing and a new outlook

  • Affirmation about your identity in Christ and how that supports your relationships

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